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Dusan Petković: It's time to show our character

Dusan Petković: It's time to show our character

- We are strong and I think it's time to show it this season - says Dusan Petković, attacking PGE Skra before the upcoming Champions League tournament.

Another Champions League tournament is ahead of PGE Skra. The ideal solution would be to win all games 3:0, but it won't be that easy.
Dusan Petković: - It will be a difficult tournament. For now, we are only thinking about the first match, because it is extremely important to us. We have to focus on this and maybe something positive will come out of it. You have to do your best, show our quality. We are stronger after a weak point in the season and now we have to show our character.

PGE Skra will play with Grupa Azoty ZAKSA for the fifth time this season.
- ZAKSA shows high quality this season. They didn't lose any game, they only lost one point against us. They are a stable team, but I believe we are strong too and I think it's time to show it this season.

A nice setting for the tournament is being prepared, but there will be no fans...
- It's a pity that our great fans won't be there. It would be easier for us to be positive about it. It's a strange season, we are playing without fans, but that won't make us any less ambitious. We have to cope with the empty hall.

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