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Milad Ebadipour: I want to have a Champions League medal

Milad Ebadipour: I want to have a Champions League medal

- It was a good match and a good tournament - says Milad Ebadipour, the Iranian outside-spiker of PGE Skra Bełchatów after the victory over Fenerbahce in the Champions League tournament in Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Congratulations on a good performance and win. We end the Champions League tournament with two wins.
Milad Ebadipour: - It was a good match and a good tournament, although at the beginning we were a bit unlucky. Let's be honest that we lost to one of the best teams in Poland. It was a great war. Now I cannot say more about the Champions League, because we have another tournament ahead of us in January, this time in Bełchatów. Then we will see what the situation will be.

Now we have a few days off, but we'll be back to PlusLiga in a moment.
- We will definitely get a few days off from the coach, one or two, I don't know exactly yet. It is important to regenerate our bodies after this very difficult tournament.

In January we will meet again in the Champions League, but already at the tournament in Bełchatów.
- The second tournament will be important for each of us. I want a have Champions League medal!

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