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Taylor Sander: I was a bit nervous

Taylor Sander: I was a bit nervous

Taylor Sander returned to the field in an official match after nearly a year and a half break. He played in the PGE Skra Champions League match against Lindemans Aalst and helped the team to win 3:0.

At last! It was good seeing you on the court!
Taylor Sander: - I am so glad we won. This was our goal. I'm excited to get the chance to play and be able to be on the pitch with the guys and help to win. There is a lot of hard work and difficult days behind me. For the last four months, I haven't had much time off. I'm glad I came back and helped to win. It all looks positive and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

You played a good game. How are you?
- I was a little nervous. I didn't play for long but it was OK. I feel better every day. I haven't had the chance to play such an important game in a long time. Now I need to gain experience and continue to work hard every day to gain confidence.

The Belgians did not show great volleyball, but PGE Skra played very well.
- Our goal was to put pressure on our opponents and I think we had control of the game from the first to the last point. We had a great team spirit, a positive atmosphere. I would like to emphasize once again that I am glad that I could help and encourage the rest of the guys to play. It's a tough time for our club, but we have a great team with great players. We work hard every day and I believe we can do great things. For me the goal is to keep working hard, helping the team and being better than yesterday.

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