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Mihajlo Mitić: PGE Skra is something like Manchester United in football

Mihajlo Mitić: PGE Skra is something like Manchester United in football

- Almost every volleyball player who would have the opportunity to join PGE Skra would do it without a second thought - says Mihajlo Mitić, the new setter of PGE Skra Bełchatów.

Welcome to the Yellow-Black Family! How do you feel?
Mihajlo Mitić: - At the moment, it's difficult to find the best words to describe the feeling. Skra in volleyball is something like Manchester United in football, I think almost every volleyball player in the world, if he has opportunity to come to Skra,he will accept it without too much thinking. It a club with a great history, on a good voice, recognizable in the volleyball world...

What are your personal goals for the next season?
- I have just met the coaching staff and the players, but I believe, when it comes to club like this,that the goals are highest possible. I will give my best to try to help this team on every practice, every game, on and out of the court.

We have already two other Serbian player: Dusan Petković and Milan Katić.
- Almost every season I was surrounded with the Serbians. These two players are high level players and two very good people. I had a pleasure to play with Petkovic for four seasons and I played mostly against Katic, except in the national team. So,I am happy about that

Serbian players feel really good in Bełchatów, I mean is it good also for you?
- Yes, a lot of Serbian players has played here. Usually, when is a big amount of players in one team through the years, at least one is not satisfied with something. With Skra,it's totally opposite. All the players that I was speaking about Skra had only positive words and experiences. Nobody didn't say nothing bad about the team, fans, staff, organization. So,I hope that I will feel also good here and that the club and people around it will be satisfied with me.

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