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Taylor Sander: PGE Skra has a rich history

Taylor Sander: PGE Skra has a rich history

Taylor Sander became a new outside of PGE Skra Bełchatów. - I know that PGE Skra has a rich history of being one of the best teams in Poland and in Europe and I am happy to join it - says American player.

Welcome to PGE Skra! How do you feel becoming a member of yellow-black family?
Taylor Sander: - Thank you! I’m very excited to join PGE SKRA! I’m happy to be joining such a strong team in the Polish league. I’m also very grateful for the opportunity to play for this team.

OK, but how did it happen that you are coming to our club, not the other big one?
- I had some options to join other clubs but I knew that playing in the Polish league would be a great fit for me to improve as a volleyball player. The polish league is very strong and I wanted to play on one of the best teams in Europe.

Last year you did not play because of injury. How is it now?
- Last year I needed to have surgery on my shoulder and unfortunately could not go play. My shoulder is strong and I’m ready to be back on the court and playing normal.

So you have to really miss volleyball?
- Yes! I miss volleyball. It has been good for me to take a break and to focus on other parts of my life, but I’m ready for a new start and to continue a strong career.

We will have really big rivalisation on outside position - you, Milad Ebadipour, Milan Katić and young Mikołaj Sawicki - it sounds really interesting.
- Yes we have many strong players in position 4. I’m excited to compete everyday and too learn from these players as well. I’m excited also to be teammates with these guys because I am always playing against them. Hopefully we can all perform well and help our team win.

What do you know about our club?
- I know that PGE Skra has a rich history of being one of the best teams in Poland and in Europe. I know the city is small but that we have many fans throughout Poland! I’m excited to play in front of the many fans we have.

You and Jennings Franciskovic will be the first American players in PGE Skra.
- Yes, I heard we are the first Americans in this team! I’m excited to be one of the first. I hope we can make the club proud and represent our country well.

I suppose you can’t wait to come and train in your new club?
- I’m very excited to arrive in Bełchatów! It will be an exciting season and I’m excited to meet my new teammates and coaches and put in the hard work needed to win a championship!

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