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Number "2" of PGE Skra reserved for Mariusz Wlazły

Number "2" of PGE Skra reserved for Mariusz Wlazły

After 17 years of playing at PGE Skra Bełchatów, Mariusz Wlazły leaves the club. The club decided to reserve the number "2" with which the legend of PGE Skra performed.

Wlazły needs no introduction. This is definitely one of the most successful Polish volleyball players, and he spent all his senior career at PGE Skra Bełchatów. With this club he won nine Polish championships, seven national Cups, four Super Cups, and medals at the FIVB Club World Championships and CEV Champions League. For so long and dozens of successes, he became an icon of PGE Skra.

After the 2019/2020 season, Wlazły will leave Bełchatów. PGE Skra decided to honor its legend and reserve the number "2", which has already become cult for Wlazły.

- This number will always be associated with Mariusz. In this way, we also want to thank Mariusz for helping us achieve our joint successes, but also all medals will be associated with Mariusz PGE Skra. A shirt with his number will soon hang from the ceiling of the Energia hall - says Konrad Piechocki, President of KPS Skra Bełchatów S.A.

We remind that earlier the club reserved the number "10", which commemorates Miguel Angel Falaska, the late volleyball player and PGE Skra coach.

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