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Mariusz Wlazły leaves PGE Skra after 17 years. Thank you, Legend!

Mariusz Wlazły leaves PGE Skra after 17 years. Thank you, Legend!

After 17 years of playing at PGE Skra, Mariusz Wlazły leaves our club. This is a club legend with which the PGE SKRA has won all its successes on the national and international arena. His contract will end at the end of June.

"You say PGE Skra, you think Mariusz Wlazły" - this saying has been used for 17 years by the opposite. For years Wlazły was a key player of PGE Skra and contributed a lot to the team's play. He won, among others, nine Polish championships, seven Polish Cups, four medals of the CEV Champions League, three medals of the Club World Championships, four Polish Super Cups. He has also dozens of individual awards.

It is worth noting that for 17 years Wlazły was also loved by fans. He is the favorite and idol of many of them, which he earned with his excellent game. It has its fans not only in Poland but all over the world.

- I would like to thank all supporters of PGE Skra Bełchatów for these 17 seasons, during which we were accompanied by various emotions: happy, positive after many victories, but sometimes also negative. I will definitely remember the support of PGE Skra fans for my whole life. Thank you! - says Mariusz Wlazły.

- After 17 years of playing Mariusz Wlazły in PGE Skra Bełchatów, one can say that an era is ending. This is a great period in the history of our club. This is the time when we enjoyed the many successes of both the Polish and international championships. For all these years, this was also due to Mariusz Wlazły, whom I would like to thank again. I think we only have good memories. We don't burn bridges behind us. I wish Mariusz health and certainly when we meet on the other side of the net, it will be a huge experience for everyone. We had and have great respect and just as Mariusz did a lot for us, in many situations PGE Skra also helped Mariusz. Something ends, but life goes on. I wish Mariusz the best, and in addition Poland vice championship with the new club - says Konrad Piechocki, president of KPS Skra Bełchatów S.A.

Mariusz, thank you very much for 17 years of writing beautiful cards of PGE Skra history and we wish you good luck in your future career. You will always be a Legend in Bełchatów!

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