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Mateusz Bieniek: I came to the big club

Mateusz Bieniek: I came to the big club

Mateusz Bieniek officially became the new middle-blocker of PGE Skra Bełchatów. - I believe that at the end of the season we will be celebrating together - says the World Champion.

Welcome to Bełchatów! What do you expect of the transfer to PGE Skra?
Mateusz Bieniek: - Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope that together we will achieve great successes and win the Polish Championship. This will be my and my team's goal. We have a good team and I hope that after this season we will enjoy together.

There is a lot of talk about your season spent in Cucine Lube Civitanova ... And you are happy with it?
- Certainly yes. It was my first trip abroad, I saw a bit of the world, what another league looks like ... I also learned a lot. We also managed to win a lot, because both the Italian Cup and the Club World Championship, in fact the two biggest events that we managed to finish last season.

Why did you decide to rent?
- In Italy, the economic situation in clubs is difficult. Many bands have financial problems and I also wanted to change something. The Olympic Games have been postponed and I would like to play even more regularly. And in connection with what I said earlier, together with the club we went hand in hand.

It's no secret that the Olympic Games are important to you...
- Certainly the games were and are a priority for me. I hope I can play a good season and I will give coach Vital Heynen enough arguments to go to Tokyo.

You already know the taste of the Polish championship, but you don't know how gold tastes in Bełchatów...
- Exactly. The goal will definitely be the Championship and the Polish Cup. Bełchatów always plays for the highest goals and it will be like that with me. We managed to win the championship with Grupa Azoty ZAKSA twice, but we also lost it once - against PGE Skra, which I remember very well. I hope that next season we will all be enjoying another gold.

For now, your career is developing very regurarly. At 26, you have two great clubs in your resume, beautiful representational successes, and now you will face new challenges in the next big brand club.
- I do not treat the transfer to PGE Skra as a step backwards. I am leaving the great club to the great club and I hope that more successes are ahead of us. It seems to me that I have always chosen wisely and I hope that there are still some wise decisions ahead of me.

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