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Piotr Orczyk: We do not think about Polish Cup yet

Piotr Orczyk: We do not think about Polish Cup yet

On Friday, PGE Skra will play with Cerrad Enea Black Radom in PlusLiga. - After this match will we start thinking about the Polish Cup - says Piotr Orczyk, outside-spike of PGE Skra.

Have you had a long time thinking about lose to Aluron Virtu CMC Zawiercie?
Piotr Orczyk: - Certainly this defeat is in the head, because this is not how we imagined this match. It did not work out our way, the more that Aluron Virtu CMC players played well and defeated us in their own hall, in which we could not win so far. However, we have to get it out of our minds, reset our heads, because we play with Radom and we are getting ready for a hard match. This is a good team that is on an upward wave lately and I hope that we will be able to overcome this short series of defeats and we will be back on the winning track.

The last matches with Radom are very demanding for PGE Skra.
- We played with this team many times in the previous season, especially in the playoffs. These matches required a lot of effort from us. This season was similar. A tough game awaited us in Radom, luckily for us we won. I hope that we will also win on Friday.

The Polish Cup is also coming...
- First we focus on the Friday match. The cup is coming, but we have one more important game and after the weekend break from the coach will we start preparing for matches in Katowice.

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