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Artur Szalpuk: I am happy about how the rehabilitation goes

Artur Szalpuk:  I am happy about how the rehabilitation goes

Artur Szalpuk could not help his teammates in the match against Jastrzębski Węgiel. He is still rehabilitating after the knee surgery.

- I feel very well and the rehabilitation is going well. We can say that we are a bit ahead of the plan. We have already introduced several volleyball elements on Tuesday. I am happy about how this rehabilitation goes - says Szalpuk.

The recipient of PGE Skry admits that he missed volleyball. - Last year I was resting a bit and hoped that this year I will be able to get through without injury. Unfortunately, this ailment happened that could not be prevented - says Szalpuk.

As for the procedure itself, according to the volleyball player it was the "smallest penalty". - In fact, the knee was only cleaned. Theoretically, after a muscle strain, it comes back longer than after this procedure - explains Szalpuk. - I went to the hospital, got anesthesia and underwent surgery. The next day I went home on crutches. I devoted one day to rest, and the next day I have already started rehabilitation. There was nothing to wait for and together with the staff we decided to get to work.

Watching matches from outside the field Szalpuk experiences the games very much. - In Suwałki and Warsaw there was a bit of anger that I couldn't help and that we lost. Unfortunately, this is a thing of the past and you need to focus on what lies ahead. I have to admit that more emotions are on the pitch. It's hard to compare to something when you don't know it. Fans are certainly nervous, but it's something different - says Szalpuk.

The whole conversation with the world champion from PGE Skra in our pre-match studio, which can be viewed on the PGE Skra YouTube channel.

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