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From Japan to PGE Skra game in Bełchatów!

From Japan to PGE Skra game in Bełchatów!

In the Energia hall we often have special guests. But last weekend the PGE Skra match came to see the Japanese Toshiki, who is a big fan of Mariusz Wlazły.

How did Toshiki become a fan of the Bełchatów club? - It's a long story. I watched the first PGE Skra match in 2013 in Rzeszów and at that time I was very excited. I liked not only the game, but also the atmosphere in the hall and I became a fan of Polish volleyball - says the Japanese fan.

His affection for Polish players was born over a dozen years ago. - I had the opportunity to watch the Polish national team. In 2006, the world championships were held in Japan, in which Mariusz Wlazły played - continues Toshiki. - I saw how amazing he looks on the pitch. He is not tall, but he jumps very high and spikes hard. First, I became a fan of Mariusz. I wanted to see him again, but not on television, so I decided that I would go to Poland, not to Bełchatów, but then to Rzeszów. And I became a fan of PGE Skra.

Interestingly, this is not his first visit to Bełchatów. - I've been here several times - says Toshiki. - In 2015 I lived in Łódź and learned Polish. At that time I was coming to Bełchatów. Now I live in Japan, but I travel around Poland and beyond, now I am in Europe for a month.

Interestingly, Toshiki also supports Polish national team. In addition to the aforementioned World Championships, he has repeatedly supported Poles, including during the World Cup, and in the hall he met our scout Robert Kaźmierczak.

The Japanese argues that he will support our team during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. "I love Poland," he said finally in our native language!

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