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Milad Ebadipour: It won't be an easy game

Milad Ebadipour: It won't be an easy game

- We want to win all matches, because in addition we have many difficult games - says Milad Ebadipour, Iranian outside before the match against MKS Będzin.

MKS Będzin, or PGE Skra's Friday rival, has recently shown that he can win with strong teams. How do you approach the next match?
Milad Ebadipour: - Matches against Będzin have always been difficult for us. Anyway, not only for us, but probably for every team in Poland. Our Friday rivals have shown several times that they can win. Recently, they have beaten Grupa Azoty ZAKSA at home. It won't be easy, but we want to win. For us this match is very important. We are in a good mood and good situation. We're going to push and win this game.

Are you impressed by eight games won in a row?
- We don't think about things like a series of victories. We want to win as much as possible before play-offs, not counting how many wins in a row we already have in our account. I think it's not professional. We want to win all matches, because in addition to Friday we have many other difficult matches. However, we play well and believe that we will win.

The MKS hall is also specific...
- Hall is an advantage of our rivals. There is no denying that thanks to their object they win many matches. They have a good and fighting team, but this hall also has a big impact on their attitude.

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