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Jakub Kochanowski: It was a solid playing

Jakub Kochanowski: It was a solid playing

- We could train keeping those heavy serves on our pitch - says Jakub Kochanowski, middle-blocker of PGE Skra after the sparrings against Sir Safety Conad Perugia in Italy.

PGE Skra had two sparrings with Sir Safety Conad Perugia. How will Kochanowski summarize these games? - For sure it is more volleyball and it was visible on the serve. We could train holding those heavy blows. Certainly, Perugia is a world class team that looks very good in most elements. It was a solid playing - says Kochanowski.

The middle PGE Skra points out that the elements practiced in Italy may translate into the next matches performed by PGE Skra. - And especially when it comes to reception and defense - says Kochanowski. - In these elements we can feel stronger and I hope that we will be able to show it in the upcoming PlusLiga and Polish Cup matches - ends Kochanowski.

And the next game PGE Skra will play in the Polish Cup - January 14th at 20.30. Tickets are now available on

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