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Karol Kłos: It is good we played these games

Karol Kłos: It is good we played these games

- If we did not play a game after such a long break, it could be different in league matches - says Karol Kłos, middle-blocker of PGE Skra Bełchatów after the grouping in Perugia.

In Perugia PGE Skra played two control matches: in the first one it lost to Sir Safety Conad, one of the best teams in the world 1:3, and in the second it drew 2:2. - I think that these sparrings will be very useful to us. I have to admit that in the Monday match there was still a break caused by Christmas and New Year and we just went out of tune. That's why it's very good that we wiped out in Perugia. Soon the second round of PlusLiga begins, and we are still waiting for a very important match in the Polish Cup - says Kłos.

Middle-blocker means the next matches with Indykpol AZS Olsztyn and GKS Katowice. - If we didn't play after such a long break, it could be different. We still entered these matches in not such good shape and I think it was visible - emphasizes Kłos. - In the second sparring, which the fans did not see anymore, we presented ourselves even better. It's nice that everyone played, and the trainer also told us that he was happy, so it's all a plus.

A trip to Perugia is also an opportunity to meet, among others coach Vital Heynen or Wilfredo Leon, i.e. friends of Kłos and other Polish representatives from the team. - Vital hugged us at the beginning and that was also very nice because he greeted us really warmly. There was not much opportunity to talk, but I also know that the trainer is busy. I hope that there will be such an opportunity. This is super strength and it was fun to joke a while even while sparring under the net. If you rest from each other after the national season and meet again after a long break, you always have a good time - ends Kłos.

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