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Vital Heynen: It will be nice to play against PGE Skra

Vital Heynen: It will be nice to play against PGE Skra
- I know that Bełchatów are in good shape and will want to show it - says Vital Heynen, Sir Safety Perugia coach, with whom PGE Skra will play two friendly matches on Monday and Tuesday. Belgian is also a coach of the Polish national team, in which he cooperates, among others with PGE Skra coach Michał Mieszko Gogol.
On Monday and Tuesday Mr. Sir Safety Perugia will face PGE Skra in two friendly games.
Vital Heynen: - Mieszko contacted me and asked if it was possible for us to play with each other during the break. My answer was simple, because I have good contact with my assistants, both Mieszko, Paweł Woicki and Sebastian Pawlik.

Do you follow PGE Skra matches?
- Yes of course. There are several players I have worked with there, as well as members of the training staff. For me it is a well-known team. PGE Skra had a slightly weaker start, but now it's getting better every week.

Will these be unique matches for you as coaches? For the first time the team led by Gogol will play against you, and you are working in the Polish national team.
- Maybe for Mieszko these matches will have a bigger dimension, but for me they will be normal matches. We've played a lot of matches this season, but many of our players didn't have a chance to play. Now will be the opportunity, so for me it will be training clashes that we want to make the most of. I realize that Bełchatów are in good shape and will want to show it.

Will you pay special attention to Polish representatives in the context of the Olympic Games?
- It will be nice to see these guys, but these two meetings will definitely not be decisive when it comes to games. I want to meet them, talk to them, ask how they feel. I saw players from Warsaw, now the time will come for Bełchatów, also with my colleagues from the staff of the Polish national team: the aforementioned Mieszko or Tomala [physiotherapist Tomasz Pieczko - ed. ed.]. I can't forget about one of the most important, Robert Kaźmierczak, with whom I have been working since 2013. He was, among others statistician of the Belgian national team and it will be great to meet him, as well as with the rest of the staff, because they are fantastic guests.

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