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Dusan Petković: I am happy that we won

Dusan Petković: I am happy that we won

"I'm happy, but the MVP award is nothing if we don't win," - says Dusan Petković. The Serbian opposite helped PGE Skra team to gain the victory over Trefl Gdańsk (3 1) and was awarded the MVP of the game.

Congratulations on a great performance in Gdansk!
Dusan Petković: - It was our first victory this season and it is very important to us, because we did not have much time to prepare for this game in the full squad. We still need some time to feel even more confident with ourselves on the pitch. It's perfect that we won and we have three points.

PGE Skra played a good game which fans could enjoy.
- I think we should play even better. Of course, we won, but at the end of the second set we had a small stoppage. Trefl pressed us and won the set. However, we showed character, we returned to the game after a weaker situation and we won the whole match.

You gained the MVP award in your first official match in PGE Skra.
- I'm happy, but the MVP award is nothing if we don't win. For me the most important is victory. The statuette means that I played well, but without the help of my teammates it would not be possible.

On Wednesday, PGE Skra will have a match against GKS Katowice...
- I can't wait until we play the first match in the Energia hall in front of our own fans!

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