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Dusan Petković: Serbia is able to win against France

Dusan Petković: Serbia is able to win against France

Dusan Petković was not in the wide squad for the European Championships, but he will be cheering for his Serbian team-mates in the semi-final against France on Friday. - I hope that my friends and the whole team will win the European Championship's medal - says the PGE Skra opposite.

Petković emphasizes that there are many surprises during the tournament. Let us remind you that on Thursday Poland, who was one of the main candidates for the gold medal, lost to Slovenia. - I don't want to call Slovenia a small team, but they are a team that nobody would have bet on before the tournament starts. Nobody would expect that they would have the chance to win the semi-final against Poland and beat Russia earlier. I find it amazing and it shows that you can never be sure that the strongest team will definitely win. That's not how it works - says Petković.

On Friday in France, we will find out who will continue to fight on Sunday for the first place on the podium of the European championships. - I expect there will be a really good match in Paris. The hall will certainly be filled with French fans. Currently, France is the favourite in the match against Serbia, but I hope my team-mates will show their character under the net. I believe that we can win this match and play in the finals with Slovenia - convinces PGE Skra's new signing.

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