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Norbert Huber: We want to win the FIVB World Cup

Norbert Huber: We want to win the FIVB World Cup

Norbert Huber returns to the Polish national team for the FIVB World Cup in Japan. "I want to take this opportunity," he says before his departure.

FIVB World Cup call must be a great distinction for you. After all, you are a young player in the Polish National Team.
Norbert Huber: - Sure, I'm very glad that I'm going to Japan for the FIVB World Cup. This is a great distinction for me. I look forward to the first and every other match. I will want to take advantage of all the opportunities I get and hope it will be an amazing tournament and adventure.

How will our team treat the FIVB World Cup? Theoretically, it is the least important tournament for us this season.
- It seems to me that with the team we are going with, it will be a good tournament and we will try to win or take the highest possible place.

Do you feel good physically? You fly to Japan straight from the hard preparations in PGE Skra and you have to switch to match mode.
- It's hard to switch a little because in Bełchatów we train in another dimension and now there are 11 matches in 14 days in front of us, so it's a bit of a problem. I think that with ambition and heart we will make up for it and everything will be positive.

After the FIVB World Cup...
- ...yes, I am coming back to Bełchatów and I will continue preparations with the team.

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