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Dusan Petković: Help from the teammates is essential

Dusan Petković: Help from the teammates is essential

Dusan Petković entered the PGE Skra team with a bang. He played well in a friendly match against Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle and helped in a 3: 1 victory, but at the same time, Serbian cools the enthusiasm.

- It's nice to start with a victory. I think we played well, looking at the fact that many players have not joined our team yet. The team of the rival also lacked in their players, which is why the team was not in the same composition as when they won the Polish championship. However, I think we have cool energy, so the game goes as we plan. I hope it will stay that way - said the opposite.

Asked about what he thinks about his disposition in this match, he replied that the whole team had an impact on its effectiveness. - It is never possible for one player to play well without the help of his teammates under the net. This is especially important in volleyball. This help is necessary so that everyone can show their skills - said Petković.

In the 2018/2019 season, Dusan was at the very top of the best-scoring volleyball players in the Italian league with 590 points scored. His approach to training reflects why this happened. - In my opinion, it is important to work step by step to improve our disposition all the time. We must be focused on everyday work. And such sparrings like this one are very necessary and I have a positive attitude towards this part of our preparation plan for the season - he finished.


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