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Mariusz Wlazły stays in PGE Skra

Mariusz Wlazły stays in PGE Skra

This is another great information for PGE Skra supporters. Mariusz Wlazły will be in the Bełchatów club for the next season, the band's legend.

- You say "PGE Skra", you think "Mariusz Wlazły" - such words have been used for good in the minds of fans of nine-time Polish champions. There is no wonder, however. Wlazły is a living legend of PGE Skra, and it is evidenced by the fact that in the past season he celebrated his 15th anniversary at the club in Bełchatów.

Although volleyball is a team game, Wlazły had a huge impact on the team's success. And for the 16 seasons of his career at PGE Skra there were really many, including the nine gold medals of the Polish championships and six national cups.

The attacking PGE Skra has also become an international star. Only with the Bełchatów club he won four medals of the Champions League and three Club World Championships. He had to create a separate shelf for individual prizes. In his case you can find the statuettes for the titles of the best player of the entire PlusLiga season, Athlete of the Year, MVP of the Champions League.

Wlazły for years was also a support of the Polish national team, because in the white and red T-shirt he won, among others championship and runner-up in the world.

- I am very happy that I stay at PGE Skra, which is the team in which I spent my entire career. This is a very important club for me and I treat it very personally. The seventeenth season in Bełchatów will be special for me and I hope that together with the team and the new training staff we will achieve further successes that will please our supporters - says Mariusz Wlazły.

- Mariusz is a unique player for PGE Skra. It is a role model not only on and off the pitch, but also on the issue of attachment to club colors. In today's sport it is very difficult for one player to spend over 15 years in the club. This is a worldwide phenomenon, so I am even more happy that Mariusz stays at PGE Skra, because for over 20 years of my work at the club, this player has always been with us - says Konrad Piechocki, president of PGE Skra.

Recall that in the position of the attacker Wlazły will compete with the Serbian Dusan Petković.

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