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Jolan Cox: It was much more tough game

Jolan Cox: It was much more tough game

Jolan Cox played an excellent game against PGE Skra Bełchatów. Player of Greenyard Maaseik gained the Most Valuable Player award.

PGE Skra lost to Greenyard not only in Bełchatów (2:3), but in a much worse style in Belgium (0:3). Polish champions can not find an effective way to specifically volleyball of Greenyard. "There is nothing wrong with PGE Skra that Polish team lost the second game against us" - says Cox. "It's just that we started this game very well, we pressed our rival, especially with good serve. Then we used our chance and we still have a chance to advance to the next round of the CEV Champions League".

PGE Skra put their rivals firmly and could easily win the game in the fourth set. Unfortunately, at key moments they got stuck, which resulted in only one point. "In fact, this meeting was much more difficult than the previous one, played in Maaseik" - says Cox. "It was evident especially after the second set, which did not go our way. To be honest, we were a little down in the next set, we lost it, but in the fourth we realized that not everything is lost. We fought, we pressed, we brought the tie-break that we won".

Both teams still have a chance to advance to the CEV Champions League play-off. - Thanks to this victory, we have not finished our adventure with the CEV Champions League. If we finished the Wednesday match with zero points, we would not have a chance to advance. Now everything is open" - ends Cox.


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