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Bartosz Kurek: PGE Skra is one of the best teams in Poland

Bartosz Kurek: PGE Skra is one of the best teams in Poland

Bartosz Kurek returned to Bełchatów, but as a player of ONICO Warszawa, not PGE Skra. He played in a friendly game against the Champions of Poland. "I have many nice memories related to PGE Skra" - says the World Champion and Athlete of the Year in Poland in 2018.

How do you feel after the first match played as Athlete of the Year in Poland in 2018?
Bartosz Kurek: - I am happy because I have not played a single match for almost a month due to injury. Then we had a break in the league. I'm glad I blew away the dust that settled on me (laughs). It was quite fun and it was great to start a new volleyball year in Bełchatów.

On Monday there was a lot of good playing...
- It's nice that the PGE Skra has opened the door for fans fot this game. Every day I'm used to much louder doping in Bełchatów, but this one was also nice. The most ardent fans came to this match and those who value them the most.

As you can see, fans in Bełchatów still love you...
- "Love", maybe a is a too strong word. I have a lot of nice memories associated with this club, with this place and with these people. We experienced a lot of big moments together, but also some serious failures. However, the fans have always been with us. At the end you can remember the best moments.

In a little over a month PGE Skra and ONICO will meet again, this time in the PlusLiga match for points.
- I hope that we will play even better than now and we will create a good spectacle, and the fans will come out satisfied. I am counting on us to oppose each other, because our team has the potential to play with the best, and I consider PGE Skra to be such a team.

Do you think that PGE Skra will play a better round than at the beginning of PlusLiga season?
- PGE Skra team struggles with their problems, especially health problems. I hope that the team will quickly rise, regroup and I hope that in the next match we will see each other in a set. I hope that my good colleagues, and the best PGE Skra players, will be already on the pitch. I believe that PGE Skra will play a very good, strong round and we will meet in play-offs, preferably at a later stage.

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