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Artur Szalpuk: We have no reason to be happy

Artur Szalpuk: We have no reason to be happy

PGE Skra lost against Fakiel Nowy Urengoy 2:3 and is out of the Club World Championships that take place in Poland. The loss is that painful that PGE Skra had a few match balls, even in the third set.

Polish champions could win this match in three sets, but unfortunately they could not finish the game. "The third set was a great summary of our previous season. We are not playing stable" - says Artur Szalpuk from PGE Skra. - In the third set we could finish the game, but we could not beat the opponent. It is a pity that we are out of this tournament. We had a great chance to win and we do not really have much reasons to be happy.

Szalpuk left the fourth set due to cramps in his legs that began to tease him. "I've had problems like this last season, now it's back. I hope that we will do something about it and I will be okay for the rest of the season" - says PGE Skra's outside hitter.

PGE Skra will come back to the Polish League games in which the team wants to present better and better volleyball. "November ends and there is no longer anything to wait for a good shape" - says Szalpuk. "We just have to start playing, because we all have enough of what happens to us. We want to play like the first two and a half sets of the match against Fakiel. We leave our hearts on the pitch one hundred percent, and unfortunately we are not going well.

In the last match of the Club World Championships, PGE Skra will play against Zenit Kazan. The game is scheduled for Thursday at 20.30.

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