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Grzegorz Łomacz: We did not have enough luck

Grzegorz Łomacz: We did not have enough luck

PGE Skra played a good match, but lost the game against Cucine Lube Civitanova in the first battle of the Club World Championships, which take place in Płock. Despite the 1:3 result, PGE Skra players may be happy with their play.

What was missing to win? "I think a bit of luck" - says Grzegorz Łomacz, the setter of PGE Skra. "We fought very well against Cucine Lube, one of the best teams in the world and a favorite to win the whole championship. We enjoy our game because we presented ourselves very well. We played consequently and did not break even when we had a few points of loss. We were catching up with a team like Lube and this is positive in this game.

After the match there were some votes about the referee's controversial decisions. "We do not blame the judge, but generally did not help the whole show. He made strange decisions" - says Łomacz.

PGE Skra played a very good game and was close to come to the tie-break. "I think that if we won the fourth set, we would be ready to make a surprise and win against Lube" - says Łomacz. "We have a very strong group. Both teams from Russia present a high level of volleyball and we have to play with them the minimum level as on Monday, and even better to win both with Fakel and Zenit.

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