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Jakub Kochanowski: Baggage of CWC experience will be invaluable for me

Jakub Kochanowski: Baggage of CWC experience will be invaluable for me

He is already a world champion, but with Polish National Team. Now Jakub Kochanowski the middle-blocker of PGE Skra, will have the opportunity to win another trophy, because on November 26 the Club World Championships will start in Płock.

PGE Skra in the group will play against Cucine Lube Civitanova, Zenit Kazan and Fakiel Nowy Urengoj. That's why the fans say that it is a "group of death". "We know that we will have opponents from the top, so I think we will have to show our best volleyball, and then the good result can come. I have not had the opportunity to play in the Club World Championships yet, but it is a tournament in which the best teams from around the world take part. Certainly, the baggage of experience I will gain during this event will be invaluable" - says 21-year-old player.

This year's World Club Championships may be the best in the history of this event. "It can be assumed that this will be the strongest Club World Championships in history, but at the same time next year the tournament may surprise and it will be even better. I will say this: it can be the best tournament in history so far, but I hope that the level will increase next years" - says Kochanowski.

Who will be the favorite of the competition? "Lube, Zenit and PGE Skra (smile). These are certainly very difficult opponents and we will have to present our highest level. If we gain our hundred percent volleyball, then we will can fight for the victory" - says PGE Skra's middle-blocker.

Kochanowski claims that PGE Skra will have to find a way to rivals. Polish champions, however, are the perfect combination of experience and youth, so they should play well. "For sure we can do a lot with our team spirit. We will have to find many unconventional solutions. The opponents will dominate us with physics, which means stronger attack or serve. We have to make up with cunning and technical skills" - says young player.

It's a big plus that the fans will be on our side. This will also be a thing that will allow us to play better" - he adds.

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