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Michał Winiarski: Every match of Club World Championships can be a key one

Michał Winiarski: Every match of Club World Championships can be a key one

PGE Skra Bełchatów is going to play in Club World Championships. In the group phase, which takes place in Płock, the champions of Poland will have to compete Cucine Lube Civitanova, Zenit Kazan and Fakiel Nowy Urengoj.

What are the expectations of PGE Skra for the Club World Championships?
Michał Winiarski: - We are definitely concentrating on the first game we play against Cucine Lube Civitanova. In such a tournament every match is very important and can be a key one, the more so that the teams that we have drawn in the group are from the top and each of them can become the winner of the Club World Championships. We do not want to look ahead, but focus on the first meeting.

This will be the most exciting CWC tournament so far?
- It's hard to say. Certainly the tournament will show that itself, but the composition of the teams seems really strong and we will see volleyball at the highest level. You cannot say that any team is weak.

How can PGE Skra beat other top clubs?
- I think only with team spirit. We must be one team on the pitch and we must all play really great matches and, above all, believe that we can win this tournament. Last year our matches against Lube were settled in the end, unfortunately we lost, but we were a different team than now. Now we really have nothing to lose. We must play at the maximum of our skills to fight against our rivals.

Will Polish fans help PGE Skra to play well?
- The fact that we play "at home" is a handicap for us. It is known that PGE Skra has a lot of fans all over Poland and I believe that in Płock they will be able to cheer us on and together we will create an unforgettable spectacle, and we will provide each other with a lot of positive emotions.

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